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What We Do

Salus Fitness includes everything from Small Group Training, Bootcamps, Athletic Teams, and One on One Personal Training. 

My clients come from all backgrounds and levels of experience including youth, elderly, those with injuries and limitations, weight loss, weight gain, body builders, olympic lifters, crossfit, and elite professional athletes. 

Before the launch of Salus Fitness I worked as a Bootcamp Specialist, In-Home Personal Trainer as well as for Goodlife Fitness and The Movati Club(formerly The Athletic Club). I have surrounded myself around dozens of Fitness and Health Professionals from around the world who have helped grow and shape me into the trainer that I am today. 

​Mission Statement:
Through individually tailored fitness programmes, we help our clients develop and maintain a healthy mind and body.

To motivate and guide more people in the Orleans community live a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

Your fitness is our success story.